Medical Negligence



Misdiagnosis of a blood clot that causes the loss of a leg…A medical procedure gone awry that causes a woman to lose a breast…An injection against medical guidelines causes the loss of a young woman’s hand…A patient frantically pushes the emergency call button, but no nurses respond to a woman about to be assaulted in her hospital bed by a violent patient. 

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, medical errors injure more than 1.5 million patients a year, and contribute to nearly 100,000 deaths.   Prescription errors, negligent testing, and misdiagnosis all contribute to costly – sometimes fatal – errors.  Worse, after medical negligence occurs, the entity that the patient trusted to help them with their injury or illness may become defensive  and ask a patient to sign away their rights.  When patients need support most it is often a time they and their families feel the most frightened and isolated.

Don’t sign anything offered by an insurance company without consulting experienced legal counsel for a free consultation.

Campiche Arnold PLLC, has represented many, many clients injured by negligent physicians and hospital entities.  In the worst cases, loss of life occurs because of substandard care or sloppy hospital practices. 

Medical negligence cases are complex.  We rarely see insurance companies representing physicians and hospitals step forward to help the injured patient.  They instead wage time and resources to protect their clients: physicians, clinics and medical facilities.  The attorneys at Campiche Arnold PLLC, work to resolve cases, but litigate aggressively when needed.

To patients who have been harmed, the process can be intimidating.  We can help.  Our legal staff patiently and methodically gathers needed documents, works with investigators, and communicates clearly with patients, assisting however they can throughout the legal process.   At Campiche Arnold PLLC, our clients receive the support they need.



Medical Malpractice


Attorney Jeff Campiche is regarded as one of the top
medical malpractice attorneys in the state.  The cases are often complex and require experience - and tenacity.  Jeff works to resolve, but litigates aggressively if needed on behalf of his clients.