Premises Injury



Injury that occurs when the location is not safe due to improper maintenance or unmarked hazards, are examples of Premises Liability.   It is the body of law that makes the owner responsible when injuries occur on the property.

Many people think of slip and fall injuries that occur because of a danger – such as ice, an unmarked curb, or a faulty railing.  It can also mean a fall on a slick supermarket floor that is not well-marked by cones or a trip and fall over an unmarked or poorly designed display.

One of our clients slipped and fell at a bowling alley due to improper maintenance.

More than a few of our clients have been seriously injured in a fall on a slick grocery store floor. 

Ensuring that parking lots, stairwells, and other areas are safe is the responsibility of the owner of the premises.  Falls, slips –even assaults – happen when premises are not adequately safeguarded.

Instead of assuming responsibility to help the injured person, the victims are often blamed for being clumsy or inattentive.  

If you are injured as the result of premises negligence, call Campiche Arnold PLLC.  Prior to your call, write down pertinent information including the location of the injury, the date, and witness names – if you have them.  If you sought medical treatment, please tell us where you sought treatment (clinic, urgent care facility, etc), the name or names of the doctors if you remember, and the date.  If you filled out an accident report, alert us to that, too.  Jeff Campiche and Phil Arnold are experienced attorneys in premises law.  As always, the initial consultation is free.



Premises Injury


The Premises Team at Campiche Arnold PLLC
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