Bicycle, and Pedestrian Injury

Bicycle, and Pedestrian Injury

Bicycle accidents and malfunctions, pedestrians and bicycles struck by a vehicle.

There are more bicycle riders on the road than ever before, with highly designed bikes that allow bicyclists to travel at greater speeds. Sadly, there are also more injuries as a result of negligent drivers, improperly place or unsafe bike lanes, that have failed to keep up with an emerging cycling population.

We represent the family of a bicyclist who lost her life when her tire got stuck in Seattle streetcar tracks.  Though the safety standard of bike lanes that parallel rail tracks is clear, appropriate safety measures have not been heeded – in Seattle and elsewhere across the U.S. (Click here to read the news stories regarding the death of cyclist Desiree McCloud.) Ironically, on the anniversary of the cyclist’s death, a second cyclist traveling the same street was seriously injured when her bike’s tire got caught in the SAME LOCATION, throwing the cyclist onto the pavement.

Bicycle messengers face particularly dangerous situations every day:  clogged traffic, doors flung open by drivers without a glance behind them, and aggressive drivers who show anger towards bicycle riders.

Bicycle riders have been seriously hurt – sometimes fatally – as a result of defective bicycles or bicycle parts. Defective Products cases are particularly complex, especially if the defective bikes or parts are manufactured by a foreign country. The attorneys at Campiche Arnold PLLC have developed an undisputed depth of experience in defective products litigation.

Pedestrian injuries and deaths are also on the rise, as more Americans than ever are choosing to walk for health or financial reasons. Injury statistics for pedestrians are increasingly grim.  It is projected that some 4000 pedestrians will lose their lives this year.  Nearly a quarter of them will be children.

The attorneys at Campiche Arnold PLLC, bring both experience and a tough resolve when representing injured cyclists and pedestrians.  They will fight tenaciously to recover damages on your behalf.  If you are a bicycle rider or pedestrian and have been injured due to negligence or defective product, or if you lost a loved one in a bicycle or pedestrian accident, call us for a free, no obligation consultation.

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