Defective Products

Defective Products

Products that cause injury or death due to faulty design or poor production standards.

Product liability may involve a defective design, manufacturing defect, or defective product use instructions. Product defects may cause serious harm, including death.  If you have been injured, or a loved one lost their life due to a product that caused harm, contact a personal injury law firm that has extensive experience prosecuting cases against both American and foreign manufacturers.

Bringing successful claims against the entity that manufactured the defective product requires acquiring knowledge of the product’s design intricacies, product use, and the predictable human-machine interaction. Terrible injuries occur when products are unsafe. Our clients have suffered brain damage, crushing injures, amputations, and paralysis. Some have died as a result of an unsafe machine or product.

In one instance, we successfully sued a well-known manufacturer of a heating device that was responsible for the deaths of several members of a family.  We recognize the grave responsibility required when representing an injured client.  Such responsibility requires us to work hard to acquire the information and knowledge necessary to surmount the predictably vigorous defense asserted by manufacturers.

Foreign product liability cases pose unique and significant challenges

Some of the defective product litigation filed against foreign entities in U.S. state and federal courts by Campiche Arnold PLLC include a Taiwanese bicycle, a Chinese manufactured ship-to-shore port crane, a foreign manufactured straddle carrier; German and American manufactured automobiles; power cable stringing equipment; a hydraulic crane; and a manufacturer of chemicals user instructions. These cases resolved with hundreds of thousands to multi-million dollar recoveries.

Acquiring jurisdiction over a solvent entity is just the first step in a lengthy campaign to bring justice to an injured client. Attorney Phil Arnold has considerable experience in employing The Hague Convention to obtain jurisdiction over foreign manufactures. This process, in part, requires the complaint to be translated into a foreign language and service made on a designated national authority for the country involved.

From there – the litigation process begins, and foreign laws complicate litigation. Using claims against Chinese manufactures as an example, Chinese secrecy laws prevent discovery of product manufacturing details. Attorney Phil Arnold’s preparation anticipated this problem by performing extensive research into Chinese, European, and American design safety standards. Phil developed the necessary case information before filing a law suit, giving his client the best chance of success without depending upon information from the reluctant foreign manufacture.

Another example: Finland does not have court reporters, thus requiring a federal court order to take an American court reporter to Finland to transcribe the deposition. We obtained that federal court order in one foreign case, and went to Finland to depose a Finish witness designated by his employer and the manufacturer to testify on its behalf. Some foreign countries prohibit depositions within their national boundaries. In those circumstances, again using China.

Seek Experienced Legal Counsel when you
have been seriously injured by a defective product

If you have been seriously injured – or a loved one has died – as a result of a defective product, contact the experienced Seattle law firm, Campiche Arnold, PLLC.  Because these cases are involved, contact us as soon as you believe an unsafe product (car, medical device, machine) to ensure we get as much detail as possible about the injury early on in the case.  Call us for a no-obligation consultation.  We care, and we can help.

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