Serious Injury and Wrongful Death

Death or injury due to the negligence of others.

Serious personal injury.  Wrongful death.
Two phrases that describe life-altering, or life ending, circumstances.

Coping with either is difficult enough, but too often, a second nightmare emerges: the maze of seeking justice.  If you can’t work and find yourself facing a mountain of medical bills, or have difficulty coping with the loss of a loved one due to the negligence of another, you may not find solace in the lack of response by those at fault to compensate you for your losses.

Many are reluctant to seek legal counsel, because they don’t understand the process.  We can help. Call the compassionate attorneys at Campiche Arnold PLLC, for a free no obligation consultation. The attorneys at Campiche Arnold PLLC are experienced, trusted attorneys who have litigated or negotiated significant recoveries on behalf of our clients over our decades of practice. We will listen, assess your claim, and give you responsible counsel regarding the next steps to take.

Whether the injury or death occurred as a result of a motor vehicle accident, pedestrian or bicycle accident, medical or hospital negligence, or due to unsafe premises, we can help. And, we encourage you to reach out as soon as you are faced with the reality of the serious injury or wrongful death. The sooner we can analyze the facts and involve our investigators, the better.

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